Tour of the Existing Station

The Proposed New Station


Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in favor of supplemental funding for a modern, functional, energy-efficient, and safe police station to serve the community and our visitors. 



Just about everyone agrees: Provincetown needs a new police station. And building one has been delayed so long, the town must now replace the old building. Because it floods. Its systems have aged past their useful life. It fails safety inspections every year.

We heard the reasons Town Meeting 2019 said “no” to supplemental funding for the new police station. And over the months since then, the Team has heard those reasons again in the grocery store, on Commercial Street, at community events…

Because the site was decided by Town Meeting 2017, that couldn’t change. And our police employees still need the same purpose-built interior, so that couldn’t change. But the Team’s approach to getting a new police station built has changed. We integrated what change was possible into a new look for the exterior design without increasing costs. Then, last fall, we asked for your preference between two looks. What we heard from that online poll was, “We like the first one!” Fully 81% of respondents chose the 2019 design over the newer look.

Perhaps most important, the Team heard your concern about cost. As taxpayers ourselves, we don’t like increased costs either! But costs rarely go down on anything. Predictably, the new police station is now estimated at about $16.6 million. So, to lessen the impact on Provincetown taxpayers, any amount authorized by Town Meeting will be reduced by any grants received.

On April 4, Town Meeting will consider funding for the new police station—which has accessible, safe, and efficient spaces for employees and detainees, evidence storage, up-to-date technology, and sustainable features that will serve Provincetown for the next 50 years. Please consider the information provided throughout this website, and send the Team your questions on the convenient Send Us a Question form.


Community policing is a core value of Provincetown’s finest. “We recognize that police cannot effectively deal with issues alone, and partner with others who share responsibility for resolving problems,” says Chief Jim Golden. “Our primary goal is working cooperatively with individuals, groups of people, and organizations to identify and resolve issues with the potential to affect the livability of our community.  

Over 2,700 Calls to 911 Handled in 2021

The number of 911 calls handled by dispatchers has doubled, up from 1,369 in 2019. The increase is owing to multiple cellphone calls coming in for a single incident, which were previously routed through a regional center. All those calls come in through the 911 system located at the end of a hallway because we lack a proper computer server room.

The New Police Station on WOMR 92.1 FM

Join host Matty Dread and Building Committee members, Sheila McGuinness and Jeff Mulliken for a “table talk” about the ins and outs of the new police station.

Listen To The Interview Here